Use International Moving Companies because...

Fast and Easy. Skillfully responsive to perform as per given time.

Reliable. Consistently gives quality and better performance.

Transparency. Every information given are clearly communicated.

Dependable. Ability to trust that they will provide and perform what is expected.

Safe and secure. Assurance that everything is on the right place and right track.

Professional. Providing skilled crews in terms of packing and wrapping using durable packing materials.

 Fast moving service

Effective communication is key to a successful move so most of the moving companies offers a 24-hour service for the updates of your move/shipment.


 Inventory checklist

Moving Companies provides checklist for you to secure that all of your belongings will be handle properly. You can also mentioned in the checklist which requires extra care.


 Packing service

Packing is one of the main service that a moving company has to offer. Whether you decide to do your own packing or partial packing, they will provide high-quality standard packaging supplies for you to use before your move.


 Delicate Packaging service

There are some belongings that you require an extra handling, you can request for a bubble wrap or a cushion foam.


 Heavy furniture

Moving companies offers reassembling and packing of heavy furniture. It requires special technique which performed by skilled and trained staffs.


 Cargo service

Whether you are just moving locally or internationally, moving companies will provide any relocation need.

About My-Removals

My-Removals is dedicated to clients giving free service to get hassle-free move in choosing qualified and trusted removal company. Our main goal is to help clients choose their desired services at acceptable prices.

Benefits you will get from My-Removals

›Free of service. Our services are absolutely free. My-Removals does not take commissions on our certified International Moving companies in UAE partners so quotes will never get affected.

›Quick and easy fill out form. This will benefit you in providing proper information to get competitive quotes from moving companies.

›Receive free quotes. Since My-Removals offers free of service, quotes from International moving companies are also free of cost. Absolutely no hidden costs or any other charges that moving companies will quote you.

›Accept and provide only registered professional trusted moving companies. Rest assured that My-Removals will provide certified IAM and FIDI International moving companies in UAE verifying that they are professional and trustworthy. 

›Ensure security of your personal details. Your information will only be shared on our certified partners. They are only bound to use your information to establish contact and properly respond to your request.


Definitely refer this website to my friends. It saves a lot of my time to look for removals.
Mr. KashifMoved from Dubai to Australia


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Removal Tips

•Summer time (end of school year) is busiest time for moving industry and most likely people prefer to move, but if you can reschedule your move when moving companies will be less busy, you may be able to reduce moving costs.

•Effective communication is key for a successful move, so any changes made with your shipment whether you will take more or fewer items you need to always inform the moving company you had selected.

•Start packing with the items you use infrequently. Determine which items require additional insurance, make sure to declare these items in writing.
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