Tips when moving – make your life easier

Tips when moving

Tips when moving

Now that you find new home, how wonderful and exciting it is until you realize some things needs to get done properly and should be taking care. Everything should be well prepared to have a stress-free move. Moving can never be easy. With these tips when moving, i'm sure it will definitely help you with your move.

Prepare or pack an overnight bag or if you decided to stay on leave from job for a couple of days, then you'll be needing not only overnight bag, but at least prepare two to three sets of clothes to use, essential things within your reach since you will get tired prior to moving. You may need to include some toiletries, mobiles, laptops and their charges to avoid getting stolen during move. Separate these bag and should not be carried together with the rest of your packed boxes.

Use some clear plastic boxes for the items you require first right after your move. You can include the things that it's essential to your move such as scissors, box cutter, some home tools to fix things, paper towels, eating utensils, charges, etc. This clear plastic boxes allows you to see inside and may help you cut the time of looking for essential things.

Since you'll be having some used clothes from the overnight used, there will still be some items which is fragile or breakable left for packing, so you can used these used clothes to wrap the fragile items, so you'll be packing two things at the same time, and you will be saving some bubble wraps to be used on other essentials.

Keep an inventory of your items and label each box with its contents and from what room they are going in. Remember to label the boxes on the sides, in this way you will be able to see the label even the boxes had been stacked.

Summer time (end of school year) is busiest time for moving industry and most likely people prefer to move, but if you can reschedule your move when moving companies will be less busy, you may be able to reduce moving costs.

Effective communication is key for a successful move, so any changes made with your shipment whether you will take more or fewer items you need to always inform the moving company you had selected.

Start packing with the items you use infrequently. Determine which items require additional insurance, make sure to declare these items in writing.

Notify appropriate companies of your change of address such as bank or credit card companies, post office, utility companies and insurance agents.

Make inspection on your old home and walk through the entire place whether it is in good condition or requires repair.

Confirm with the moving company regarding your scheduled moving date. Make sure that you have given all the proper information to the moving company: date, time, place, extra services you mentioned and packaging supplies you require.

Keep or make copies of moving receipts, inventory items and insurance papers for future reference or claims.

Make sure that the moving company that shows up on the moving day is the same company you hired. Some moving companies sub-contracting the job because of higher demand of moving.

Coordinate with moving company's arrival date, time and other specifics right after the moving date. Be sure to include your contact details if in case there is an emergency.