How to Find a Reputable Moving Company

Find a Reputable Moving Company

Finding a reputable moving company

Moving is very stressful experience, whether you are moving locally or internationally. Though you had moved several times, it doesn't mean that you are already an expert, still you will undergo the same process as if it will be your first time moving. From preparing, to packing, to selecting a reputable moving company, to moving day and so on. People who moved locally prefer a "do-it-yourself", thinking it will be cheaper, while it can be more stressful, and if you don't do it properly, it can be a disaster. Sometimes "do-it-yourself" doesn't allow that to work out specially moving internationally. So how can you find a reputable moving company that you can trust, more risky, more expensive and still feel safe?

Here are some advice to help you find a reputable moving company.

If you have enough time to prepare for your move, internet is a powerful tool to gather information finding a reputable moving company. While most reputable moving companies have websites, all victims of moving scam found there moving company through internet.

Find moving companies that have offices, warehouse or storage facility, their trucks with their company name. Some moving companies only outsource or sub-contracting the job to another company. It may be possible, but make sure that the subcontractor is also a reputable company. Otherwise, better choose a moving company who is doing the job themselves.

You can also consider a reputable moving company that had been in the business for at least 5-10 years. You can ask the moving company to give you references from previous clients. 

A reputable company must have at least one or two moving association certification, (e.g. IAM, FIDI, ISO, etc.)

Find at least three reputable moving companies to compare with their prices, services, availability, and other related issues regarding moving.

Set-up an appointment with these moving companies you had selected and request an on-site estimate. Moving Consultant will come to your home and do a visual inventory of the contents that you are planning to move. If you have valuable items, notify moving companies for your items that require extra handling. Make sure that all items that you planned to move are included in the "survey sheet". Each moving company will give you quotation based on the visual inventory. Ask questions about the difference in pricing, services, amount of insurance included, or value of your goods. Read carefully the quotation that a moving company provided, the inclusions, exclusions, what you can and cannot bring, packing/moving day, transit time, other charges, etc. If you prefer to get more quotation for better comparison, find at least five reputable moving companies.

Now that you collected quotation from moving companies, don't choose a moving company had offered the cheapest. For example, If you collected five quotation, from which four of them will be quoting you on same or similar rates and the other is giving you the cheapest rates, don't choose the cheapest. These rogue moving companies fraudulently scam consumers usually involving low estimates, refusal to deliver and other similar fraudulent practices. These companies extort customers by offering extremely low moving estimates, taking possession of customers’ property, subsequently increasing the price of the transport of the customers’ goods, and thereafter withholding delivery of the goods until the customers paid the fraudulently inflated price.

Since you now know how to find a reputable moving company, one last thing to put on your mind is all about luck. Though most reputable companies have successful job, twenty- five to thirty percent of which will not be successful. At the end of the day, there are such circumstances that a reputable moving company will be beyond their control.

You can write a message or comment here if you have questions or ask if any one else has had experiences with moving companies.

Other than that, if you have issues regarding your move/shipment, contact Department of Economic Development.