To hire or not to hire a moving company

To Hire or not to Hire a Moving Company

Deciding whether to hire or not to hire a moving company is still big question for everyone who's on the verge of moving. The answer is still depending on a number of factors such as, if you're moving domestically or internationally, your budget, the distance from the old to the new home, the time and the process of your move. Since you are in the "yes and no" situation whether to hire or not, still there are things you need to consider to ensure making the best decision.

People need to ask themselves which factor that affects greatly their decision to hire or not to hire a moving company. Let's start with:

How much the cost of your household goods? If you are moving locally, they will calculate the rate of your move on how many trips does your move will take. If you require to make your move as fast as possible then they will add one or more delivery trucks for your move and will definitely charge you more to the basic.
If you are moving internationally, most moving companies depends on the size of your home, from one bedroom hall up to four+ bedroom hall and will charge you by cubic meter. Since this will be moving internationally, then your household goods will be transported by sea and moving companies will be using containers for transporting your household goods. Normally, one bedroom hall has 12-15 cubic meter which it can be fitted in a 20ft container, but that doesn't mean that you need to put your household with one container, since 20ft container has a maximum 30 cubic meter space and will cost you more if you require your move providing your household goods with one container, so moving companies will offer you a sharing container, which you'll be sharing the whole 20ft container with the other customers but charges will remain the same.

How far are you moving? Moving locally, most moving companies will charge you as per how far your move from the old to the new home: if it's within the city, or another city or does your move require two or more trucks, how many trips if it's only one truck or so.
Moving internationally will depend which country of destination you will be relocating. If it's in US, Canada, Australia, Asia, UK, Middle East, etc. Charges will be differ from sea freight, destination agent charges, and others. If you require insurance, still it will be depending on how much moving companies will charge you as per you valuable household goods.

Now that you differentiate the factors of moving locally and internationally, you can decide when to hire and not to hire moving companies. Since, moving internationally really requires you to hire a moving company, then moving locally will depend on how can you manage moving by yourself or what we called "do-it-yourself".

Moving from Dubai.
Dubai is the pearl of the Emirates. A beautiful city in a beautiful country and the place that had set a lot of world records. These may have been the reason as to why Dubai is the house to millions of expatriates from all over the world. Everyone seems to like they want to experience the thrill of being in a very known place. And these leads to a lot of people moving in and out of this paradise-like city.

Of course, nothing is permanent when it comes to living in this majestic city, especially if you are not a UAE national. Anything can happen and the next thing you know, you want to move out and back to your own country. Not being pessimistic but, you know I'm right.

Moving doesn't mean that you have to go from one country to another, it can also be moving locally. Now that, the rents had increased in some popular places e.g. Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, etc., people tend to move out and find a nicer place but cheaper rents. Since people are working 8- 10 hours a day with 1 or 2 days holiday (Friday/Saturday) for them, hiring a moving company is a must.

In these type of cases, most people hire a professional moving companies for a faster move-out. This is where the role of moving companies come in. Due to the high rate of expatriates in the Emirates, the demand for moving companies also increases. Hence, there is a boom for moving companies as of today. There have been reportedly more than 100 different relocating companies that functions in each and every different emirates in the UAE alone. Domestic and International relocations.

Now you can decide, to hire or not to hire a moving company.