Clever ways to use Silica Gel when Moving

Clever ways to use Silica Gel

Clever ways to use Silica Gel

Clever ways to use Silica Gel

What are the clever ways to use Silica Gel specially when moving - Checklists, guide, tools and tips

Though  Silica gel packets clearly instruct to throw it away and don't eat them, you can actually use it practically around your home, even when you are moving home. Usually found theses silica gel packets that come in a box when buying shoes,  inside brand new bags, bottle of vitamins or medicines or some random stuff. Silica gel is most commonly encountered in everyday life as beads in a small (typically 2 x 3 cm) paper packet, used as a desiccant to control local humidity to avoid spoilage or degradation of some goods. Because silica gel can have added chemical indicators and absorbs moisture very well, silica gel packets usually bear warnings for the user not to eat the contents.

Preserving and protecting photographs.
Some people love to make scrapbooks of their family portraits or put them on a loose-leaf albums, and keep it over the years on garage, attics or some place where you don't normal go. UAE has extreme temperature and widely fluctuating humidity, if you want to keep your photographs as fresh as it was printed, use archival materials,placed on a plastic cabinet bins with Silica Gel packets away from bright lights that may trigger fading and encourage mold growth. So even when you are moving, you don't need to worry about carrying fresh memories with you with the help of silica gel packets.

Keeping collectible magazines, baseball and basketball card collection.
One thing that will help your collectibles in pristine condition is to use silica gel packets to avoid moisture, stop it from fading and prevent deterioration. Buying or keeping silica gel packets is not as much as expensive than your collections, so give it a try.

Important documents.
Whether you are travelling or moving away from home, keeping your important documents secure and safe, be  sure to at least keep silica gel packets inside the filing cabinets, desk, box or envelops.

Preventing excess moisture on used leather shoes and boots.
Keep the silica gel packets you find inside the box of newly bought shoes or boots, and use it again to keep away moisture from used shoes and boots.

Used and cleaned clothes.
To avoid smelly clothes from the overnight use and toss it inside the luggage when travelling, don't forget to put some silica gel packets. It will help absorb water and prevent odor-creating bacteria. Even in your cleaned or newly bought clothes, you can also use silica gel packets when travelling.