Ultimate Moving Guide – Have a smart Move Now

Ultimate Moving Guide - International Moving Companies in UAE

Your Ultimate moving guide

Getting started couldn't be easier whether you're first time moving or have moved several times. These Ultimate Moving Guide will definitely help you maximize your time and have an easier stress-free move.

Preferred Moving Date

Your move should be convenient for you and your family specially when you have children. You will most likely prefer to move when the school term is finished but this time will be the "peak season" for most Moving Companies and definitely the demand for moving is higher and costs will be expensive compare to "off season". Peak season refer to end of school term, summer, year end holidays, beginning and end of the month will be busy for moving companies.


Once you already decided the date of your move, planning and organizing will be your next step. Go through each room of your house and decide what you'd like to keep and what you like to get rid of unnecessary items. Check on the items which you think requires special packing or insurance coverage.


Now that things had been properly organized, this is the time that you need to search for a moving companies. MyRemovals will help you decide which moving companies is good for you. Rest assured that MyRemovals only provides certified IAM and FIDI moving companies verifying that they are professional and trustworthy companies.


Once you received a pre-estimate quote, contact these moving companies that you'd selected to set-up an appointment and request an on-site estimate. Moving Consultant will come to your home and do a visual inventory of the contents of your home that you are planning to move. Make sure that all items that you planned to move are included in the "survey sheet". At least collect quotation from three moving companies.


From the three moving companies that you prefer, verify the services they provide, if insurance included and other concerns regarding your move. Once you are settled, choose the best moving company that fits your budget, corresponds to your preferred date and other concerns.