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Moving to a new city

Moving to a new city or migrating to another country? Well, fear no more! You are on the right site. I'll be giving you tips and tricks on how to move in safely and without a hassle.

Let's face it - moving to a new city can be very daunting. You'll miss the sweet smell of your neighbors' cake that was baking, your friend that lives just across the street, your childhood hiding spot in the near alley; all of these are nothing but now a painful memory. At the same time, moving can be an exhilarating life changing experience. A new beginning... if planned well.

Moving and starting over to a new town is not as bad as you might think it would be , but also not as simple as it sounds. This requires a lot of planning and can be time consuming as well. Right from picking the right city to unloading the boxes and rearranging your stuff in your new home. And if we're only fairies that can reassemble the furniture in one whip of our magic wand.. we would never feel bad about moving ever again. Talk about fiction.

With all of these facts in-mind, I present this 'guide to' blog to anyone out there who wants to find yourself in the art of moving. I think it would be a rightful choice to actually hear out someone who have experienced it before - like me. This can be a 'right size that fits all' kind of blog so sit back, relax and here are the following key things in which to consider when moving.

  1. Picking the right city.

If you have the city of your choice already, please skip this step but reading throughout this section might help you to consider if you got the right city to move onto.

These are some of the emirates in UAE that I might chose to live onto and here are some of the things that they might offer. Choose according to your taste and lifestyle.

Dubai - It is the pearl of the Gulf. Mostly every part of this city is connected by the Metro. There are also busses and taxis that oozes in and out of every area so transportation is never a problem here. Supermarkets, Shops, Restaurants and main Establishments are all over every area so this is a hassle-free shopping place. Dubai also houses the tallest building in the whole world - Burj Khalifah - beside the biggest shopping mall in the gulf - Dubai Mall - which has the known - Dubai Dancing Fountain. Dubai also has hotels in-case you just want to cruise the area. And the house rent? not as affordable as any of the emirates but because it is the heart of UAE... it can suffice just enough.

Abu Dhabi - It is the capital of the UAE. If you are into finding the new culture of a country... you sure want to check this city out. It is partly desert but it is rapidly growing. Abu Dhabi houses the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi which has the fastest rollercoaster in the whole world. A must try I would say. Establishments are also all over the place. Carrefours, Ikeas and City Centers are available there as well. Transportation is also not a problem due to busses and taxis that circulate around the area.

Sharjah - Finding an affordable place to move onto? This is the area for you. This city has the most affordable rent out of all the emirates and like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it also has establishments all over the place. Transportation is not a problem as well. You can also find a lot of local businesses in this city. But you need to be ready on traffic timings which this city brings to expats like us.

Ajman - Populated in the city but not as much on the outskirts of this area. House rents here are apparently cheaper as well but the only drawback is that establishments are not as close to each other unlike the other emirates. There are beaches and sandy deserts around most of the area so a relaxing picnic/camping can be done here.

All I can say is Google is your friend here. Check everything online and the rest of the emirates UAE has to offer.

  1. Choose a moving company.

I know everyone would like to be independent and move on their own. But here in the emirates, moving companies are on a huge popularity. Why put burden on your shoulders when someone can do that for you?

I'm recommending this site in which would help you move... stress-free style. You don't have to communicate to each and every relocation companies in the whole UAE. Just provide where, when and how much things you want to carry with you.. you're all set for your move in no time.

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